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I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK 2006

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

Young-Goon works at manufacturing plant assembling radio’s. She also believes she is a cyborg. One day, while working at the factory, she decides to re-charge herself by slashing her wrist and implanting electrical wires into her arm. Her action gets Young-Goon a mental hospital full of bizarre characters. At New World, Young-Goon spends her time listening to the radio, talking with vending machines, and licking the terminals of 9 volt batteries. She soon encounters a guy named Il-Sun. Il-Sun is a thief of souls in the mental hospital. Young-Goon and Il-Sun soon form a strong bond as their odd personalities complements each other perfectly. Unfortunately, Young-Goon becomes gravely ill from malnutrition. Young-Goon doesn't believe cyborgs should eat human food. She soon loses most of her energy and becomes bedridden. Doctors say that Young-Goon has only a few more days to live if she continues her ways. Il-Sun must now find a way to connect to her soul and save her from imminent death.

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance.
Production Companies : Moho Films
Runtime : 100 min
Format : Widescreen
HD : Includes 720p and 1080p.
Subtitles :
  • - English (Subtitles)
  • - Italian (Subtitles)
  • - Russian (Subtitles)
  • - Turkish (Subtitles)
  • - Hebrew (Subtitles)
  • - Portuguese (Subtitles)
  • - Polish (Subtitles)
  • - Spanish (Subtitles)
  • - Japanese (Subtitles)
  • - Catalan (Subtitles)
  • - Swedish (Subtitles)
  • - Czech (Subtitles)
  • - German (Subtitles)
  • - French (Subtitles)
  • - Mandarin (Subtitles)
  • - Ukrainian (Subtitles)
  • - Dutch (Subtitles)
  • - Portuguese (Subtitles)
  • - Korean (Subtitles)
  • - Bulgarian (Subtitles)

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    prozac November 24, 2017 13:43 PM
    Thanks so much for the full movie!!
    raksbball309 November 24, 2017 12:50 PM
    Awesomeness :)
    louise_osborne422 November 24, 2017 12:07 PM
    it was a good story and some excellent acting.
    markhoneyman November 24, 2017 10:55 AM
    one more greatest movie n dolby digital sound thnks
    perskihouse November 24, 2017 09:51 AM
    i love, love, LOVE this movie.
    mick_s_bell November 24, 2017 09:38 AM
    You're a star - love this movie - love to watch - am pleasantly surprised to find this - WOW!
    popcornsunshine November 24, 2017 08:49 AM
    First time I watched. Thx for this
    mcleankaren November 24, 2017 07:39 AM
    glen November 24, 2017 06:55 AM
    amazing movie and very inspiring
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    Thank you for this film I liked it and I hope the new Thank you
    peterbritt November 24, 2017 04:23 AM
    Thank you I enjoyed it a lot Movie Thank you Have a Blessing Wonderful day Love-N-Light blessed be
    c_shave November 24, 2017 04:00 AM
    I really enjoy this movie
    stevelea43 November 24, 2017 02:31 AM
    good movie, unexpected end.